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Episode 110 – 2020 – Hookers

The boys discuss the upcoming 2020 season and the Hooker positions. Rankings and Predicted Draft Position.

Episode 109 – 2020 – Fullbacks

The boys discuss the upcoming 2020 season and the Fullback position. Rankings and Predicted Draft Position.

Episode 108 – 2020 – Season Preview

We discuss the upcoming season. Team by team analysis. Rumours and speculation.



Like Supercoach Classic, but better!


How to Setup your Draft League


Step 1

Get a group of mates, work colleagues, acquaintances, whoever! Just get enough to establish at minimum an 8 person league (6 person is possible, but 8 is better). 10 person league is ideal


Step 2

Vote for a Commissioner

This is a snippet from our league’s constitution (more on this soon)


2.1          The position of League Commissioner will be voted by the members of the League, and will be re-elected on a yearly basis.

2.2          The League Commissioner will be responsible for:

  • Overseeing that members observe all League rules
  • Calling and attending meetings
  • Approving nominations to enter the League
  • Having the final say in any vote between members that is tied
  • Having the final say in any dispute between members
  • Imposing penalties and/or fines
  • The collecting, holding and distributing of monies
  • Deciding on the breakdown of prize money
  • Overseeing the Draft

Note: all questions of ambiguity shall be directed to the Commissioner and his decisions shall be final. The decisions of the Commissioner are to be respected.

2.3          The Commissioner will be expected to make all decisions in the best interest of the League.

2.4          The Commissioner has the right to put any dispute in question to vote by members.

2.5          For matters in which the Commissioner is an involved party, or is directly affected by the outcome, the remaining members will resolve the dispute in question with a majority vote.


Step 3

Get a constitution

We have had our fair share of controversies over the years, but since we have established order, with our constitution, those dark days have more or less disappeared. Trust us when we say, there will be teething problems within your league and some of those need to be updated yearly in your constitution. I will have a link to ours, so you can use it and just update the necessary information, according to your league.


Step 4

League Rules/Options

This is where you all determine how you want your league to look. So you need to vote on these. Do you want to play Captains, do you want your trades to be commissioner approved or do you want them free for all (this is recommended). Is your draft going to be a Linear Draft (1-10, 1-10, 1-10) or a Snake Draft (1-10, 10-1, 1-10). This is a crucial decision for the league. We have done both and both have their pros and cons. We currently run Linear, because we started to not see as much competition for the number 1 pick as pick 10 was almost as ideal in a snake format.


Your now ready for you first meetup!


1st Meeting – Draft Order Day

This is the day were you all get together to determine the Draft Order for Draft Day. This can be numerous things. We have had a day with Go-Karts with time trials and whoever came first got the number 1 pick and so forth. We have played Golf, played poker, played Rugby League on PS4. We have had a mini Olympics, with full point scoring depending on each event. The events for the Mini Olympics included a Goal kicking Contest at the local footy grounds, followed by a 3 point basketball shooting contest up the road at the courts. Next we went to C1 Speed and time trialled on their go karts, followed by Virtual Golf in which we got 9 holes in. Finally it was determined by Ten Pin Bowling! We were lucky that all of these events were available to us within a 5km radius. You just need to think outside the box! We even played golf this year, but with a twist! Only 1 club was able to be used and a putter. You were also given penalties based on the club you chose, but also if you used the Karts!

All in all, get creative with it! In our league the person who decides all of it, is the previous winner. So they can either do something they are good at to better their chances of number 1 pick, or just make it a fun day and see what happens. The choices are up to you!

If you’re in a league that players can’t make it on a day. You can still get creative and just have a lottery or pick numbers out of a hat for a horse race etc. Either way, just make it random for your first ever draft.


2nd Meeting – Draft Day

This is the day you have all been waiting for! Christmas Day for Supercoaches. The first thing you need to do however is get a date and venue (or at least a date and time). We like to get together a week out before the season kicks off. This way you should have the most information as possible before round 1. The 9’s would have played, World Club Challenge and all the trials (And court appearances!) So you should know all the injuries, all the suspensions and your truest indication for Round 1 teams. The later you draft, the better, as you will have more information.

We have a time limit of 2 minutes to make your pick, but this rarely gets taken up, so it usually goes for about 2-3 hours roughly.

After your draft has finished, immediately ridicule who you think has the worst team and let the fun begin! We usually end up at the local, trading players almost immediately and just banter all night. Good fun!


3rd Meeting – Presentation Day

The day we can all get jealous of the winner, but also enjoy who came last to earn the Sacko Trophy! We usually have a questionnaire for the year, so we can give out awards to not just the winner or sacko. Things like Draft Pick of the year, Waiver pickup of the year and the best award, Trade Rape of the Year! We usually have a drink if you get an award, so a shot or a skol usually is suffice. We even have an award for whoever gets no awards! So either way everyone is having fun. Supposed to be a day were you vote on next seasons rules to change or update etc also.

We have a cash prize, Jacket and ring awarded to the winner. The jackets were sourced off eBay from China, we even embroided them with our own league logo, and they are also embroided on the back with the year you won. So multiple years won, means your jacket just goes back to the embroidery! The rings were sourced locally for a few years, however we have had to adapt and source them from another supplier overseas. Usually only set you back $100 max. We take the costs of the jacket and rings out of the prize pool. We also double the money for the Runner Up. But this is the extent of the prize pool, only winner and runner up have any winnings as such. We also bought a glow in the dark penis trophy, to be presented to last place each year. But last but not least, we have a trophy, which is engraved with all the previous winners and years won. The trophy has been damaged many times at the preso, so ours looks nothing like it started as, but I think that adds character, right!


There are many more things to learn about the draft, like strategy and how to use the waiver wire etc, but the best place to get all that wonderful stuff is to listen to The 3 Wise Draftmen NRL Podcast, each and every week on iTunes, Soundcloud and Android!



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